“I looked like a space alien with the LED in my mouth, but I was blown away by how quickly it whitened my teeth...”

BY Suzanne Pischner                                                 Wed Jul 29 2020

If you’re like me, life takes a toll on your appearance - especially your teeth. Whether it’s copious amounts of coffee you drink to get through the day or a glass of red wine with dinner, it all adds up to stained teeth. At 35, I had begun to hide my smile whenever I was around other people... It was an unconscious gesture at first, but when a friend pointed out that they missed seeing my smile, that hit me hard.

It was time to do something about it.

I had friends who’d tried whitening strips and over the counter bleaching trays, but they never seemed to have much good to say about them.

The strips don’t stay in place and results take forever to get. Bleaching trays are supposed to be, ‘one size fits all’, but if you’ve ever used them you know they’re uncomfortable in your mouth.

Then there’s the after pain…

If your teeth are sensitive to bleaching chemicals and other whitening solutions, strips and trays can really heighten sensitivity afterward.

Professional dental whitening only lasts a few months and the out of pocket expense can be hefty.

Then there’s the after pain…

A couple of my friends were using a whitening toothpaste.

Most brands use baking soda to scrub surface stains away, but that carries the risk of wearing away the enamel with overuse.

I was looking for a better solution when I started seeing these hilarious ‘selfies’ popping up all over my social media.

These people looked like they were part of some weird science experiment that had gone terribly wrong! 

Turns out all these people showing off their ‘glowing’ faces on Facebook and Instagram were using a teeth whitening system I’d never seen before.

The results they were getting prompted me to do some research.

Over 750,000 people are using GracefulGrins to get RAPID RESULTS

This is the best product I have found yet. I actually called customer service because I used it once and wanted more I needed to find out if I had to wait or if I could keep using. They answer right away best customer service ever honestly better than amazons support. Thank you for making my teeth beautiful!!

Adrienne b.

Very easy to use, convenient and doesn't leave a bad taste in my mouth. I noticed the brightness in my teeth after day 3! I am recommending gracefulgrins to all of my friends and family

Johnthan E

GracefulGrins® LED Teeth Whitening System is different

It uses advanced LED technology and a proprietary whitening serum, to whiten your teeth safely in 10 to 30 minutes per day.

Their website says that it’s effective even on difficult stains like coffee, red wine, and tobacco.

It also says it’s perfect for people with sensitive teeth who are looking for a pain-free way to whiten.
GracefulGrins® LED Teeth Whitening System is different.

"Amazing difference after one use In love with this

I use while doing my hair"

Michelle H. | Verified Buyer

"Has changed 6 shades and is amazing! I’m a coffee, tea and cigarette user and this has worked great and so easy."

Tiny J. | Verified Buyer

There were a ton of testimonials from people raving about how well it whitened their teeth.

But hey, mama didn’t raise a fool here!

I’ve been around long enough to know it pays to be skeptical

How many times have you bought a product that didn’t work the way you thought it would? Mmhmm...totally relate to that.

Like you, I’m careful about what I buy online and I wanted to be certain what I put on my teeth was going to be safe.

GracefulGrins® Teeth Whitening System is ‘dentist-approved’ which really helped me feel more confident about trying it.

It is pricier than other whitening methods, but with a 90-day return policy what could it hurt to try?

Ordered a box of these for my dental practice only thing I will recommend to my patients.

Dr. S | Verified Buyer

product looks very pretty and it came in good time, for me I didn’t really see a change in the color of my teeth but they did feel smoother then normal

Alvina C | Verified Buyer

When I opened the box, I was impressed right away…

Everything is packed in this convenient, attractive boxing’ so you can keep it all together in one place.

It looks great on your vanity or bathroom countertop.:-)

Here’s what’s inside the box:

  • 3 wands filled with GracefulGrins whitening serum
  • A safe LED whitening accelerating mouthpiece
  • 'Whitening Progress Tracking Shade Guide' to gauge your results.
  • 7 Year No-Fail Warranty

Plus, as a bonus for trying GracefulGrins they also include:

  • 1 Bonus Extra Strength Whitening Wand for optimized results
  • 1 additional GracefulGrins Teeth whitening system to give to a friend or family member (Limited Time Only)$350 Value

Whitening is super easy:

  • BRUSH your teeth as you’d normally do.
  • APPLY SERUM - Twist up the wand and apply serum to each tooth - paint each tooth as you would your nails!
  • WHITEN - After you apply the serum to your teeth, plug the LED light into your cellphone or tablet and insert the mouthpiece into your mouth. Leave it in for at least 8 minutes (30 minutes for the best results).
  • RINSE - After whitening for your desired length of time, unplug and remove the light from your mouth. Rinse both the light and your mouth, and voila you’re done!

  • I’ll admit, I looked super ‘goofy’ with my mouth all lit up and the cord hanging down my chin, but who cares as long as it does the job, right?

How does it work?

 GracefulGrins award-winning whitening serum is activated by advanced LED technology, so you can get the results you want, faster without any heightened sensitivity.

The results?

My teeth were a couple of shades whiter after just 4 days and, I never experienced any heightened sensitivity afterward.

I was completely blown away. People who knew me noticed the difference after about a week.

The results?

Now, some say they saw results using it as little as 8 minutes a day, but I found 20 minutes gives you the best results.

The cool thing is, your hands are free while you’re whitening so you can whiten in the morning while you’re putting on your makeup or doing your hair.

If you have dental work - no worries. GracefulGrins whitening serum is effective at whitening with braces, caps, crowns, and veneers.

And ladies, if you’re pregnant there’s no need to worry - the ingredients in GracefulGrins proprietary serum are 100% safe for you and your baby.

 90 Day Smile Guarantee

We want you to experience the best whitening possible with GracefulGrins. We're confident our products will help you achieve a brighter smile, that's why we offer a 90 day smile guarantee on all products.

If for any reason you're unsatisfied with your whitening experience, simply contact us for a full refund.


Ordered a box of these for my dental practice only thing I will recommend to my patients.

Dr. S | Verified Buyer

product looks very pretty and it came in good time, for me I didn’t really see a change in the color of my teeth but they did feel smoother then normal

Alvina C | Verified Buyer

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