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Copy of GracefulGrins Teeth Whitening™ System

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The science behind 750,000+ Happy Customers!

Have you ever felt like your smile is holding you back? One way to improve your smile and boost your confidence is to have your teeth whitened. According to a recent survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), a whopping 84% of adults feel that an unhealthy looking smile can hurt a person’s chance for career and social success.

Our powerful serum penetrates the enamel and releases oxygen and hydroxyl radicals which then oxidizes the large stain molecules. This oxidation breaks down the stain molecules and converts them into much smaller structures, making the tooth become much whiter.

Key ingredients
Key ingredients
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Need further Assistance?

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5.8x faster than traditional whitening

Where most light-activated systems use harmful UV rays or simply use a light as a gimmick, GracefulGrins has pioneered safely engineered LED blue-light technology that activates and amplifies the powerful serum. That allows maximum whitening results in half the time as drug store whiteners.

The safest, most effective formula crafted and approved by Dentist

GracefulGrin's proprietary teeth whitening formula is dentist-formulated to whiten the deepest of stains, including those caused by smoking, soda, wine, tea, and coffee. What makes it unique is the ability to whiten just as well as in-office dental treatments with no pain or sensitivity packaged in an easy to use, at-home system that comes ready to use right out the box.


If you're going to invest in one part of your appearance, invest in your teeth. It's your smile that people notice and remember - so make sure it's white and beaming.

Your problem

Discolouration of teeth
Not feeling comfortable when smiling.

Our fast-acting solution

Our cutting-edge LED whitening technology brightens your teeth immediately. Made of proprietary, enamel-safe ingredients.

The end result

A whiter smile become confident in yourself once again
Zero pain or sensitivity

How does it work?

Whiten Your Teeth in 4 Simple Steps

  • Step one

    Brush your teeth

  • Step two

    Apply our proprietary serum

  • Step three

    Plug the LED light into your phone and put the mouthpiece in

  • Step Four

    Rinse both the light and your mouth

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